What I Do

What I Do

I am not a lawyer or a therapist, nor a mediator or an arbitrator. I make things happen as a questioner and a listener. My belief is that we too often approach things without having asked all the questions. Together, we begin at the end and work back to the beginning. Having a destination allows for clear and acceptable results, without having a winner and a loser. Our consensus model works to everyones advantage.

The sessions are within a comfortable environment, without confrontation, and without pressure. Listening is stressed and, quite simply, hearing takes precedence over talking. 

The cost of a session will never be a factor in moving toward a successful resolution.

Logical Solutions

Relationships aren't easy. Whether in business or personal, there are many rough patches that need to be ironed out. Logical Solutions is designed to work with couples, partners, business relationships, and similar entities to come to logical solutions to problems. Sometime its just a matter of being stuck and needing to see new strategies for ways to move forward.

Socrates used a method of discovering answers by asking good questions. Plato, a student of Socrates, described this rigorous method of teaching to explain that the teacher assumes an ignorant mindset in order to compel the clients to assume the highest level of knowledge, and therefore be able to solve complex and difficult issues.

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