A personal approach to learning photographic skills

THE ART, SCIENCE, and technical lessons OF PHOTOGRAPHY


Confucious Say...

Confucious Say...

I Hear, I Forget.

The human brain can only maintain concentration for approximately 21 minutes. Once it is lost, it shuts down, and words are wasted. [Short term memory - use it or lose it.]

I Read, I Remember.

Reading words goes to a different part of the human brain. However, without the ability to get clarification, what is read is only partly absorbed for future application. [Short term memory which may be remembered.]

I Do, I Understand.

"Doing," involves all the human senses, and therefore provides multiple pathways into the human brain and therefore the brain's memory. [Long term memory is ready for recall when needed.


The Science - The Camera as a Computer

  • We start from the beginning with actual 'doing,' not reading about how its done.
  • We'll use your actual camera and not a generic model that has different menu systems.
  • We'll delve into your camera menu system to discover exactly what your camera can do.
  • We'll define the terms that Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, or Lumix cameras use.


The Art - The Creative You

  • Composition
  • Rules
  • Multi-topic approaches
  • We'll go out into the field to apply what we've learned.


The Technical - Learning YOUR specific camera

Each camera is different; from its settings to it capabilities. We'll work specifically with your camera to discover its uniqueness, digging deep into its menu system.

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